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Most plants lose their medicinal properties if they are heated above 210 degrees. When they roast coffee beans, they roast them at 475 degrees killing the beneficial properties. While they make a great cup of coffee, the medicinal properties of coffee beans is damaged. Green coffee beans contain a potent antioxidant to repair the damage from free radical in your body. Free radicals are caused by stress.

Stress can cause all types of medical problems including weight gain. Using double strength Premium Green Coffee extract will take care of those problems with medical benefits that include fat burning properties, weight management with no side effects, release of fatty acids that is stored as fat, and a natural antioxidant to reduce the damage from stress. How can you go wrong?

Recently Premium Green Coffee is being talked about by doctors and scientist as the next big break through weight loss supplement. It’s unique because you don’t have you change your diet and you can continue to lose weight.  If you want to really shed off the fat we recommend a light exercise a few times a week.

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